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The web doesn’t lack for feel-good advice on doing better work.

But after you’ve slogged through the endless sea of listicles, how many ideas were honestly worth keeping? How many ideas do you actively apply today?

You’re not alone in your frustration with the shallowness of most writing on creativity. I like to think this site offers a meaningful alternative.

Sparring Mind is a newsletter with a single purpose: to surface practical, non-obvious advice on how to make things that matter. The art of creative work is too fascinating—and too important—a subject to be relegated to clickbait about Elon Musk’s morning routine.

Substantive takes on creativity are out there, they’re just a bit harder to find amid the fluff. And if you’re like most busy people, you’re already close to declaring bookmark bankruptcy—with so many saved articles to go through, you instead get overwhelmed and opt to let them sit and collect digital dust.

That’s why Sparring Mind exists. You’ll get no more than one email per week with new writing from me, and a ruthlessly short list of links that are worth your time (usually no more than five per email).

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I write this not for the many, but for you; each of us is enough of an audience for the other. —Epicurus