YouTube Marketing

In social media and blogging, big predictions have been made for the future of YouTube. A post on Social Media Examiner covering 30 predictions from social media pros had a slew of positive predictions for how important YouTube was going to be in the coming year, including the follow:

  1. YouTube will get recognition and significant use as a major social network.
  2. YouTube will take the lead.
  3. YouTube rises to top of mind.

In fact, of all of the great platforms covered in this highly insightful prediction post, YouTube was viewed the most positively in the coming years. The general consensus?

Video is in, and as bloggers, we need to embrace the coming changes, or risk getting left in the dust.

The YouTube Advantage

Now, you probably aren’t too surprised to see YouTube being mentioned as the video platform of choice when it comes to 2012′s coming focus on video content.

Fact of the matter is, video viewing is becoming a huge part of media consumption on the web, and YouTube isn’t just leading the way, it’s almost lapping the competition: Americans are creating, sharing and viewing video online more than ever, Pew reported in a recent research study.

The percentage of American adults online using video-sharing sites such as YouTube or Vimeo increased to 71 percent in May 2011 from 66 percent the year before.

Seven in 10 American adults online are using video sharing sites such as YouTube… YouTube accounted for 22 percent of mobile data bandwidth usage and 52 percent of total video streaming in the first half of the year, according to broadband consulting firm Allot Communications. —Washington Post

What all of that data is pointing to: video content is becoming a huge part of our media consumption, and YouTube is the vanguard platform in the area.

Not only do you have YouTube’s astoundingly large audience to get your content out too, there are certain advantages to video use as a blogger that aren’t platform specific.