Blog design can be scary.

You might have seen the recent psychological study (link below) making it’s round on blogs about the importance of design.

The conclusion?

A bad blog design can have people leaving almost instantly, before they even check out the content.

So what’s a blogger to do?

How about learn from two of the most talented WordPress designers in the game today!

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Sometimes I feel like there is a big misconception, a misunderstanding if you will, between product creators and content marketers.

You will often see product creators so proud of their creations that they refuse to believe anything other than a quality product will increase their sales.

Even worse, you have content marketers who believe that marketing is everything, and that they will get away with a sub-par product or affiliate sale as long as they get enough eyeballs.

Clearly there are guys smart enough out there to understand the need for both.

In order to prove that point, today I’d like to present a case study on two successful entrepreneur’s (and product creators) who get the value of content marketing, and who use it to sell their already amazing products.

(Features an interview with Brian Gardner of Copyblogger Media, maybe you’ve heard of them ;)).

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If it’s not worth measuring, it’s not worth doing.

In any business, tracking statistics and interpreting the data in order to make good choices can be said to be one of the most pivotal reasons why the business will succeed or fail.

Businesses from big to small regularly take diligent spread sheets, tracking sales, stock, upcoming orders, expenses, and much more, so that they can successfully see where their business is headed and what changes they mind need to implement.

But why should an online business care about tracking so many numbers? And more importantly, what should an online business or blog be tracking? With your website, your sales, the most important thing to track is performance.

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